Safai Karmachari Andolan
A movement to eradicate manual scavenging in India

Action 2010

Safai Karmachari Andolan organized a dharna on 30th November 2007 at Jantar-Mantar, Delhi which was attended by a large number of women, men and youth from all over India. It was followed by a National Consultation on 1st December 2007 at which a large number of representatives of various people’s organizations and movements have pledged support to achieve the objective of freeing the nation from the scourge of manual scavenging. At this consultation, a decision was made to launch the ' Action 2010 ' programme, a campaign with a goal of eliminating manual scavenging in India by 31st December 2010.

At India Gate, New Delhi, on the eve of the New Year, 1st January 2008, Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA) officially launched the ‘Action 2010’ program. Action 2010 also coincides with the parallel countdown to the ‘common wealth games’ to be held in New Delhi in 2010. The underlying objective is for all stake holders to act decisively with grater determination to eliminate manual scavenging much before the games begin.

‘Strategic intervention’ for Action 2010
Year one – 2008 – ‘Occupational violence against Dalit women’
Year Two – 2009 – ‘stark reality of untouchability’
Year Three – 2010 – ‘Violation of Human Rights’



Action 2010 was formally launched on 1st January 2008 with a candle light march
from INDIA GATE in New Delhi.
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